Account Disclosure and Fees

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Account Disclosure and Fees

Our disclosure and fee information is detailed in the Your Deposit Account Brochure and Truth-In-Savings Disclosure. These documents are available at any Bridgeview Bank location.  You can also view, download, and/or print the Brochure and Disclosure in a PDF format using the links below.

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to download, open, and print these documents.

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View the YOUR DEPOSIT ACCOUNT Brochure: Terms and Conditions, Electronic Transfers, Funds Availability and Substitute Checks in PDF format.

View the TRUTH-IN-SAVINGS Disclosure: Account Terms, Common Bank Fees and Service Charges in PDF format. 

If you would like a copy of the Brochure and/or Disclosure, stop by any of our branches and a Bridgeview Bank Personal Banker will be pleased to provide you with a copy and/or review its contents with you. For a listing of locations, please visit Branch Locations page on this Website.


Online Banking Transfer Agreement

As used in this Online Banking Transfer Agreement and Authorization, "I" "We" and "Us" means the owner of the accounts referenced in the agreement. "You" and "Yours" means the depository institution named in the Agreement, Bridgeview Bank Group.

To use Bridgeview Bank's Online Banking Transfer service, you must pre-authorize the transfer(s) by signing the Online Banking Transfer Agreement Form. This form is available at any Bridgeview Bank branch location. Accounts to be set up for online funds transfer may be a combination of checking, savings or loans. Your account may be subject to transfer limitations. Please refer to the YOUR DEPOSIT ACCOUNT: Terms and Conditions, Electronic Transfers, Funds Availability and Substitute Checks in PDF format brochure for details. In order to qualify for Online Banking Transfers, the accounts enrolled must have at least one of the same owners. I understand and agree that my execution of this transfer agreement and my authorization of the online transfers between the accounts identified by me to you waives and releases Bridgeview Bank Group from any responsibility for identifying the party or parties directing transfers or their authority to do so. I further understand and agree that all of the transfers coved by this agreement will be effectuated through Bridgeview Bank Group's Online Banking system.

External Funds Transfer Agreement - (Addendum to Online Banking Transfer Agreement).

I authorize and direct you to set up accounts designated by me. This authorization is valid until revoked by me in writing to Bridgeview Bank Customer Care Center, 7940 S. Harlem Ave., Bridgeview, IL 60455.