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Identity Theft and Fraud Protection Services for Bridgeview Bank Clients.

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Bridgeview Bank has partnered with DELUXE PROVENT to provide identity theft and fraud protection services to Checking, Savings and Money Market account holders with our ID Protect Plus product. 

Bridgeview Bank and Deluxe Provent are proud to offer ID Protect Plus, an integrated suite of identity theft protection services that provides identity theft protection on all fronts, including: prevention, detection and restoration. Take action to protect your identity and financial reputation and use the form below to enroll for a FREE 60-day trial.* ID Protect Plus through Deluxe Provent includes the following services:

Preventative Measures

Preventative Measures - Tools and tips to prevent identity theft and e-mail alerts with monthly activity report.


Online Wallet

EZShield Wallet - Safely store personal information with 24/7/365 online access.


Identity Restoration

Identity Restoration - Access to a Certified Resolution Specialist and a one-time Black Market Scan.


Internet Monitoring

Internet Monitoring - Daily Black Market Scans.


Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring - Alerts you of any changes to your credit report.


Identity thieves are becoming more sophisticated and more aggressive, and identity theft is among the fastest growing, personally disruptive crimes in the U.S. It can happen to anyone, which is why Bridgeview Bank and Deluxe Provent now offers ID Protect Plus to help you take simple steps to protect your identity and financial information.  


Complete the form below to enroll for your FREE 60-day trial of ID Protect Plus!*

IMPORTANT:  All fields are required and your information will be sent directly to a Bridgeview Bank representative. Within 1-3 business days, you can expect to receive a welcome email directly from Deluxe Provent. This communication will provide you with important information including instructions for completing the last step to fully activate your service and begin enjoying all of the benefits the program has to offer.

When using the ID Protect Plus enrollment form below, we ask that you DO NOT include sensitive financial information including your complete social security number, bank account number, credit and/or debit card number, personal identification number (PIN), password information - or any other sensitive information. 


*Terms and Conditions


Offer applies to Bridgeview Checking, Savings and Money Market account holders only.

Billing Once Free Trial Ends

Bridgeview Bank clients receive the ID Protect Plus service free for 60-days. When the free trial expires, enrolled clients will pay a monthly charge of $7.50 per account holder to retain identity protection services. If multiple account holders are enrolled, each account holder is subject to the $7.50 per month charge. The monthly charge will be automatically deducted from client's Bridgeview Bank account on the 15th of each month, or the nearest business day thereafter. Clients will not be billed for partial months. The first charge to the client’s account will occur after using ID Protect Plus for (1) full month once the 60-day trial has expired. For example, if your trial period ends on April 10th, the first charge for service will be deducted from your on account on June 15th for use during the month of May. You will not be charged for the partial month of April 10th - April 30th.

To Cancel Your Service

To cancel the ID Protect Plus service, please submit your cancellation request in writing to a Bridgeview Bank Personal Banker, or email your cancellation request to