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  • Cash Management Services

    Bridgeview Bank's Cash Management Services can help you accelerate the collection of receivables, manage disbursements and payroll, invest excess cash, access account information, and achieve complete control over your business finances. Sign-up today and start using the business banking essentials you need to manage and grow your enterprise. Regardless of the size of your business, Bridgeview's Cash Management suite helps you maximize the flow of important dollars and data – giving your business the competitive edge it needs to be a success.

    For more information, contact our Cash Management Team at or call 708-728-7684.

    Get started now and Sign-up for Business eBanking Services. Click here for details about all of the ways Bridgeview Bank is working to protect your business online security and sensitive information.

    Business eBanking

    Business eBanking with Bill Pay helps your company manage finances quickly, conveniently, and efficiently. It puts current balances, bill payment, account transfers, transaction history, and more at your fingertips with 24/7/365 access. Some of the many Business eBanking features include:

    • Current and historical balance and transaction information that is downloadable in a variety of formats, including, Quicken® or QuickBooks®
    • Images of the front and back of cleared checks
    • One time or reoccurring/scheduled account-to-account transfers
    • eStatements available the second business day of each month - no more waiting for that statement to come in the mail
    • Domestic Wire transfers that cost less than branch initiated wire transfers
    • Online loan payments
    • ACH Payment & Collection services to help you manage your payables and receivables
    • Account and transaction alerts
    • Set up multiple users to help you manage your account but maintain control over which functions and what information each user can access.
    • Access all of your business accounts - even if they have different Tax Identification Numbers - with a single log-in

    Use our secure network to enroll for Business eBanking

    Existing Business eBanking Customers

    For Business eBanking users who need to make a change to an existing user, add a new user, or delete a user, please print out and fax the completed Business eBanking Form and fax the completed information to 708-728-7887.

    If your business receives paper checks from customers – whether its five or five hundred checks - then BridgeviewDirect, our innovative remote deposit capture solution, is a must-have business partner for you.

    Remote Deposit Capture - View Demo

    BridgeviewDirect is an easy-to-use internet based solution which enables you to scan and deposit all types of paper checks from your business location using a certified desktop check-scanner (available through Bridgeview Bank). Captured images are then transmitted to Bridgeview Bank for clearing, and are electronically deposited into your bank account. No more hassles collecting customer checks, preparing deposits at your place of business, and then taking them to the bank. Remote Deposit Capture simplifies your daily business life and enables you to efficiently manage and process paper check payments - so you can access your funds quickly and improve cash flow.

    With BridgeviewDirect your business can:

    • Conveniently deposit checks without visiting a branch
    • Improve cash flow, accelerate check-clearing, and improve funds availability
    • Reduce transportation costs
    • Possibly reduce the cost of clearing checks by up to 40%
    • Reduce the risk of bounced checks

    Click here to view the BridgeviewDirect Remote Deposit Capture demo.

    For more information, please contact our Cash Management team at or call 708-728-7684.

    ACH and Wire Transfer services are fast, reliable, and secure ways to collect or disburse funds, accelerate payments and collections - while helping your business improve cash flow.

    ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transactions

    With next-day settlement, ACH allows you to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your business payment processing, while reducing expenses. The ACH network is an extremely flexible and cost-effective way for your business to take control of accounts payable and receivable processes. The benefits of using ACH include:

    • Improved cash flow through automating check transactions
    • Reduced the risk of fraud by decreasing check transactions - all checks contain account information - so the fewer the better
    • Save time and money by paying employees and payroll taxes with direct deposit
    • Purchase fewer checks, reduce bank charges and save money on distributing checks (an ACH transaction costs less than a stamp)
    • Maintain control by requiring dual authorization for your company's ACH payments and collections

    We offer ACH services to businesses that want to collect funds and make payments electronically right from your desk top, through our Business eBanking platform. ACH payments and collections can be set-up as a one-time transaction - or scheduled as reoccurring transactions.

    Here are a few examples of ways to use ACH to help your business:

    • Direct deposit of payroll
    • Federal or state tax payments
    • Vendor payments
    • Collect mortgage, rent or home owner's association payments, membership dues, and utility payments

    Wire Transfers

    Bridgeview Bank's Web Wire Transfer service is the most expedient method for transferring funds between your Bridgeview business account and other domestic bank accounts. Web Wires are a great option for customers who want the convenience of submitting wire requests right their from home or office - and who require the lowest cost per wire.

    Does your company send repetitive wire transfers to the same recipient? Bridgeview's Web Wire service will allow you to set up reoccurring wire templates that will streamline your wire processing.

    For more information, please contact our Cash Management team at or call 708-728-7684.

    According to the 2011 Association for Financial Professionals Fraud & Control Survey, 71% of organizations experienced attempted or actual payments fraud in 2010 - and businesses should expect similar levels in 2012.

    Fraud is a growing concern for all small businesses. Bridgeview Bank's Fraud Protection Services can help prevent check and ACH fraud before a loss is incurred.

    ACH Debit Blocks / Filters

    Protect against fraud by preventing unauthorized ACH withdrawals from your business accounts by using ACH Debit Blocks or Filters.

    Smart and secure, Debit Blocks are designed for accounts that do not receive ACH debits for any reason. A full debit block prevents all ACH debits from posting to a commercial account.

    Debit Filters are conveniently designed for accounts that receive some authorized ACH debit transactions, such as IRS payments or withdrawals made by external payroll services. Debit Filters allow your company to specify what companies are permitted to automatically withdraw money from your accounts, and in what amounts.

    •••B Positive - Positive Pay Services

    To help you minimize exposure to check fraud, we can compare your check issue information to your paid check information, and alert you via e-mail when the information does not match. Payee name verification can also be a part of this service. If there is a mismatch or exception item, you can review an image of the back and front of the check online (through Business eBanking) and make the decision to pay or return the item. You maintain complete control over each exception and can view exception images to verify data.

    For more information, please contact our Cash Management team at or call 708-728-7684.

    Bridgeview Bank offers a variety of Cash Management products and services that will help your business succeed by providing the tools to effectively manage your finances, and the resources to make the most of your business banking transactions.

    Lockbox Services

    Bridgeview Bank Lockbox Services can help you streamline the handling of customer payments or other receivables by ensuring those funds are deposited quickly and accurately. Here’s how it works – using a post office box, Bridgeview Bank intercepts payments made to you by your customers. We collect the mail daily and process and post checks received directly to your business account. We then provide you with prompt reporting – via email, fax or mail – of the activity for your records in a format that meets your business needs. Reporting options include summary or detailed deposit reports, copies of actual checks mailed in for payment, PDF file of images of all payments, and correspondence (including the envelope with the postmark date) and/or a data file that can be imported into your accounts receivable system.

    Zero Balance Accounts

    For many business owners, managing separate bank accounts for multiple locations or various accounting purposes is time consuming and inefficient. You may spend too much time transferring funds from one account to another. With a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) you concentrate the funds from various business checking accounts into a designated concentration account. The balance in each account you designate as a ‘zero balance’ is automatically transferred to the concentration account each night. ZBA’s eliminate the need to continually monitor and manually transfer funds for your company’s collection or disbursement accounts.

    Overdraft Protection Sweeps

    Link your company's accounts together to protect against overdrafts or minimum balance fees.

    For more information, please contact our Cash Management team at or call 708-728-7684.

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