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Bridgeview Bank EMV Chip Debit Cards

Questions about EMV "Chip" Debit Cards?

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  • Bridgeview Bank Group - EMV “Chip” Debit Cards

    Added Security for Bridgeview Bank Debit Cards

    We are rolling out new EMV or “chip” card technology that will help prevent unauthorized use of your debit card, while offering protection with every purchase at chip-enabled terminals and ATMs. Bridgeview Bank chip cards contain an embedded microchip, providing increased protection against fraud. And, you can swipe your debit card as usual, if the terminal doesn’t have chip technology.

    Shop with confidence knowing your debit card will be safe and accepted.

    EMV Chip Card Instructions Graphic

    How to pay using an EMV chip-enabled terminal:

    1. Not all chip card readers will look the same, but the process is nearly identical.
    2. Insert the chip end of your card into the terminal with the chip facing, and keep your card in the terminal until the transaction is complete.
    3. Follow the prompts on the card reader to enter your PIN or sign as needed.
    4. Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt. Always remember to take your card when you’re done.
    5. Remember: The chip card still has a magnetic stripe, just in case you need to use it with a traditional terminal.

    How to use your card at a EMV chip-enabled ATM:

    1. Insert your card in the ATM as you do today, and follow the prompts on the ATM to enter your PIN.
    2. Chip-enabled ATMs may hold your card during the transaction. If prompted, re-insert your card and leave it in the ATM until your transaction is complete.
    3. Your card will be released at the end of the transaction. Always remember to take your card, receipt and any cash with you.

    Using your EMV card overseas and abroad:

    • When paying at a chip card reader, follow the same steps as you would in the U.S. (see above). If a PIN is requested, you may be able to bypass the prompt.

    Using a chip card online or over the phone:

    • Continue using the same payment process you currently use when making an online or over-the-phone purchase with your Bridgeview Bank chip-enabled debit card.

    SecurLOCK Communicate Cardholder:

    Videos - How to Use Your Chip Card

    MasterCard® - Educational Chip and PIN: Click for the MasterCard tutorial.

    MasterCard® - Educational Chip and Signature: Click for the MasterCard tutorial.

    Have Additional Questions?

    Read our FAQs to learn more. Call (800) 794-2070 with questions for our Client Support Team.

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